Animal Cake Toppers


Owl cake topper for vintage themed wedding

Owls on log

Bride and groom owls wedding cake topper

Dancing Hippo

gift or topper model, dancing hippo

Monkey Wedding Toppe...

Mum and Dad monkeys with young monkey. Weddin...

Romantic ride

Animal themed wedding cake topper


3" tall Elephant wedding cake topper


Large and small animal theme cake topper. Bri...


seahorses around a red hearth

Elephant ride - 15cm...

A wedding couple ride an elephant. Wedding ca...

Horse rider and golf...

Wedding topper with bride, horse and her golf...

2 inch Cats

Small cat models. Sit on their own or next to...

Shaggy Dog Birthday ...

Cute dog.clay gift or use as a cake topper fo...

Little mice

Very cute bride and groom mice. 3 inches tall...

Riding high

Couple on a horse wedding topper

Wash day. Christenin...

Mrs Hedgehog clay Christening cake topper

Ballerina mouse

A cute mouse in a tutu for a fun birthday cak...


Clay dog figurines, Cake decoration or gift

Elephant & Mouse

sugar elephant and mouse gift model or cake t...

Grey Bear Model

grey textured teddy bear. can have a name (m...

Wedding Sheep

Fun wedding topper. Sheep

Filo and Brin

Cute dog cake topper as the bride and grooms ...

Cow and pig

Cow and pig wedding cake topper for same sex ...

Bull dog and Kiwi

Dog and bird wedding topper

Sitting mice

Cute bride and groom mice

3 inch Monkey and pe...

A monkey bride groom holds hands with his pen...

Penguin Wedding Topp...

3inch tall penguin wedding cake topper

Badger and rat

badger and rat bride and groom

Wedding Pigs

Very cute pigs wedding cake topper.

Alley cat model

cute alley cat topper , gift or decoration

Brown dog

A model of a dog in sitting position


A pair of swans cake topper. Necks forming a ...

Emigrating sheep

sheep,topper made from clay, novelty gift


Brides and groom bats. 3 inches tall

Bonkers birds

Humorous bride and groom birds 6 inches tall

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