Other Cake Toppers

"Crazy Horse"

comical crazy looking hrse cake topper in sug...

Fairy tail wedding

Fairy tail topper of a horse drawn carraige

Christmas shoe

Pretty Christmas design clay shoe

High heeled shoes

Polymer clay shoes

Killer Heels Summer

Ladies shoe for a cake topper or gift

Small toddler

A 2 inch toddler figure for a christening cak...

"Reanna" Shoe Topper

clay shoe for a gift or cake topper

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes handmade clay figure

Shooting stars spray...

A spray of stars topper

Mum Dad and Baby

Family topper showing Mum Dad and baby

Dolphin ride

A child riding on a dolphins back for a birth...


Very detailed model of your childes favourite...


A small toddler for a Christening cake topper


Birthday cake Incredibles character topper

Mini mouse

Mini mouse model sitting on a cushion

Cake Top Plaque

Vintage themed plaque with flowers and a bird...

Christening Cake Top...

cute, christening cake topper or gift. Rabbit...


Peter rabbit cake topper


A fairy in a sitting position 3 inches tall

Eye candy

A nude lady reclining cake topper

Toy rabbit

A rabbit cake topper

Fairy Figure

A pretty clay fairy. As a gift or cake toppe...

Christening Cradle T...

clay mouse in walnut shell topper for babys c...

Silver lobsters

lobster beach wedding cake topper

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