Hobby and Sport Themed Toppers


Surfer bride groom carries his bride on a sur...

Surfing Couple

couple surfing in wedding clothes

Snow boarders

Cute couple snow boarding

Marathon runner groo...

A personalised bride, groom, horse wedding ca...


A couple in running gear for a wedding cake t...

Small surfers

Wedding cake topper, bride and groom on surf ...


Bride and groom Star Trek fans

Northern soul

Northern soul fans dance on a disc

Knock out

Boxing gloves, belt etc sport cake topper

Festival fun

Humorous, novelty wedding topper. Tent with c...

Scuba couple

A 6 inch clay scuba diving wedding topper

Any one for tennis

Bride and groom playing tennis wearing their ...

Scuba Wedding Theme

scuba wedding theme topper


bride with glass, dog and cricket fan groom

Rugby Wedding Topper

Wedding cake topper. Sport themed

Skate Boarders

skate boarding wedding couple, themed clay to...

Skiing Couple

Bride and groom skiing 3 inches tall wedding ...

Winter fun

A 3 inch bride on skies and snow boarding gro...

Triumphant skiers

A skiing couple wave their poles in the air i...

Fallen Hero

Humorous ski couple

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