Couple skiing
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Skiing Couple

Two highly detailed 3 inches (7.6cm) tall figures to ski down the sides of your wedding cake!

If you're planning to honeymoon in icy places or just love winter sports then this cute wedding cake topper is for you.

The bride and Scottish groom can be positioned on your cake to look like they are skiing down the side if you have a snow mountain shaped cake like those that I make or if not, place them on the tiers of a flat topped cake, they'll still look great.

Both hand made in positions that make them look like they are in motion, sliding on their skis. If you are not sure where to position them on your cake for best effect, please ask me, just call or email, I am happy to advise you on toppers and cakes (I have over 18 years experience running my cake decorating business

Price: £50.00

Availability: Made to order

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